Katie + Daric | Indiana Backyard Wedding

When I met Katie and Daric for the first time, there was a familiarity and ease about their presence. As we sat over dinner and talked about their vision for their wedding, it was immediately evident that it would be a wedding I’ll always hold dear to my heart. Each and every handcrafted detail of Katie and Daric’s wedding allowed their loved ones to truly embrace the authenticity and intimacy of the day. Documenting their special day was such a grounding experience, and I only hope to be a part of more wedding days like theirs for years to come. As you read through Katie and Daric’s answers, you’ll see how their attention to detail and love for each other radiates even through their words.

How did you two meet and fall in love?

Daric and I were in the same class in highschool, but we didn’t know each other well. We shared a few friends but never hung out or talked much. If someone had told either of us we’d end up together we wouldn’t have believed it. Fast forward three years…Daric is attending IU in Bloomington, I’m at University of Indianapolis and my best friend and his brother are dating. We see each other occasionally because of this connection; house parties in college, hangouts in the summer, but our interactions are few and far between. Daric liked me on and off, but I was dating someone and he lost interest after a while. After we graduate, I move back home with my parents. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do but I knew I didn’t want to stay. Daric planned to stay in Bloomington and offered me the spare room in his apartment that he had leased until the end of summer. Perfect…a solid plan for the next three months and I’d figure the rest out later! In the short interim before the move, we went on a climbing trip with some friends in Kentucky. We spent more time talking and getting to know each other in those three days than in the previous 8 years of knowing each other. I started to see him in a different light and we hit it off. I moved to Bloomington a few weeks later and we’ve been together ever since, nearly 13 years later. The falling in love took time though. The beginning of our relationship was challenging for both of us. We were brand new young adults with little to no plan for the first time ever while trying to navigate a relationship neither of us were expecting. With time, understanding, patience, etc, etc, etc, we began to love each other and deepen our relationship. And because of those experiences we have an incredibly strong foundation. 

Was there a proposal? How did it happen?

Daric: We were together for 12 years before getting married and the idea of marriage came up a lot. We had talked about it extensively and knew we eventually wanted to tie the knot, but when? I had been looking for rings for quite some time without much luck, and then I found a website that deals in all vintage and antique rings. I found the perfect one. This thing was burning a hole in my pocket (and was causing me a lot of stress tbh). I’m not one for grand gestures and Katie doesn’t like being the center of attention in a public setting. So I took it along with us on a trip to Indy with no plans of what to do. We had a good day driving, talking, eating and shopping. Then we arrived at a furniture store (in a mall….) to look at a couch we were thinking of buying. We found the couch, decided we loved it, and were taking a moment sitting on it when I asked, “Can I give you something?” She replied slightly confused, “No…no not right now. Unless it’s chocolate or something!”  I smiled and said “Let me just give it to you.” So I pulled out the ring shakely and said some stuff neither of us remember and she quickly and quite embarrassedly said yes! We left hurriedly, giggling at my stupidity to go and call our parents. 

Are there any behind-the-scenes stories you’d like to share? 

Planning your own wedding, outdoors, in a field, is an extreme amount of work. So many things that you wouldn’t think of (Lighting, water, keeping things cold). It was only because of Katie’s vision and hard work, we were able to pull it off. 

Can you describe the feeling when you saw each other for the first time on your wedding day? 

Katie: I felt relieved. Sorry it’s not more romantic than that! I am one to worry silently in my head…is everyone having a good time, will people like the food, is there enough ice or will the sun melt it all, I hope the bees aren’t bad because so and so is allergic…and I was having some of these spiraling thoughts while getting ready. When Daric showed up for our first looks all those thoughts vanished without having to say a word. His presence is so grounding and peaceful, so I felt safe and excited for the day.

Daric: I felt resolute and excited. Katie and I are extremely comfortable with each other and this was just going to be a super fun filled day.

Was there anything you did to keep yourself grounded and present on that day?

Daric: I’m always grounded!

Katie: Daric is always grounded! It’s one of his most amazing qualities I learn from every day. For me to stay grounded I need to feel safe. Keeping the whole day intimate with only the people closest to us in attendance made me feel that way, so that was great, no problem. To stay present, it’s important to pause and take in my surroundings…the sounds, the smells, what I see around me and how it all makes me feel. It was hard for me to do that with all the stimulus of a wedding happening (and I failed many times throughout the day) but continuing to be mindful about it helped.

Can you share a few details about your wedding venue and why you chose it? 

We ideally wanted to know someone with land that would let us set up a tent for the reception and create a ceremony space because we couldn’t find what we were looking for in the rentable reception areas around town…of course that wasn’t going to happen, we didn’t know anyone. Long story short, a friend of my brother’s has property that he and his wife used for their wedding the summer previous and they let us use it. They have a huge grassy field with trees that butt up against a patch of woods. We placed the tent in the field and set up the ceremony area at the base of the woods. We had complete freedom to create the entire day exactly how we wanted it. We feel very fortunate to have had that opportunity.

What was the inspiration or theme for your wedding?

At the start, we didn’t have anything in mind except that we wanted to be outside all day and we wanted to keep it intimate. We wanted really good food and drink, and to create an environment where everyone was carefree and comfortable. And on top of that I wanted it to feel like us, so I curated everything down to the last detail. The vintage colored glass water pitchers, the floral china dessert trays and plates, the antique frame holding the seating chart, the milk glass candleholders, the wildflowers Daric and I picked the day before…everything was planned. It was so much work but there wasn’t a single area that didn’t feel magical to us.

Is there anything you’d do differently if you had to plan your wedding again? 

As far as the planning and execution of the wedding, no. It turned out exactly how we envisioned it. However, I want to note that we chose to bear the weight of every single detail and it was a momentous job. When you have your reception at a venue, there are so many details that are already ironed out. For instance, they have chairs, tables, dinnerware, tablecloths, electricity, etc. When you rent a tent, you are supplying all of that. Doing it this way allowed us to have every detail the way we wanted it, which was great, but it’s certainly not what everyone wants to do and that’s ok too!

Was there a particular moment during the reception that stands out to you? 

I touched on it previously, but sitting with our friends at dinner, eating incredible food, laughing and just enjoying the experience together. We were completely at ease. The whole night was incredible.

What was the most emotional moment of your wedding day? 

Katie: For me it was during dinner. We sat towards the front of the tent at a table with our best friends and I was able to see everyone. There was AMAZING food, great music, the weather was perfect and when I looked around at all our family and friends everyone looked at ease. It sounds simple but it was a profound feeling for me in that moment. I felt very grateful for all the love Daric and I were surrounded by.

Daric: Definitely seeing Katie walk down the aisle. Once our music started and I saw her, I immediately got tears and they didn’t really stop until the end. I was surprised by my reaction. 

Is there anything special you did to keep your wedding authentic to the two of you?

Authenticity to us was at the heart of every decision we made. Our parents were amazingly supportive about how we wanted the day to be and who we wanted to have there. In saying that, we wanted our parents’ opinions about certain details because we wanted the day to feel special for them as well.

What was your favorite part of the wedding ceremony?

It was at night! Our guests arrived at 5pm for cocktails and dinner. As dinner came to a close, the sun started to set and we proceeded to the ceremony area where we had set up chairs and strung lights the day before. Our friend officiated and we all brought out a drink to toast with at the end of the ceremony. It was beautiful and very special. All credit to Daric for this idea. He knew I was anxious about having everyone’s eyes on me so he had the brilliant idea of doing it under the veil of night…brilliant!

What advice would you give to couples currently planning their wedding?

Be sure to make decisions that are completely authentic to you and your partner. People have weddings for different reasons. Ours was to create a day unique to us and share that with all the people we love together at one time. Just make your wedding an experience you and your partner will be happy with when it’s all over. AND! The biggest advice I have for the day of is to savor the small moments. There is sometimes a tight schedule you have to follow, but remember that the day is for you and your partner and everyone will be happy to wait a moment so you can take it all in. I have little memory of entering and walking down the aisle with my dad because I took no time to pause. So just take it slow because the day will pass you by.

Thanks for sticking through to the end. Until next time!

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