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I get to see this wonderful family, on average, once a year. We’ve been working together to document their lives since 2017, and each year gets better and better. When you’re with the Pott family, it’s impossible not to join in with their infectious play, laughter, and love. Being with them makes me feel so much nostalgia — like I’m a kid all over again. Jamie was so kind to take the time and answer some questions I had after their session, so I’ve included a few of her answers here. Enjoy. <3

Can you share a memorable or significant moment in your family’s history that has brought you closer?

Moving from Illinois to Indiana 2 years ago. We moved to be closer to family, which was wonderful, but we left the only home my kiddos had known and a community we loved. We really had to help each other navigate the big feelings of that significant change.

How do you want to remember this current stage of your family’s life?

I want to remember these years as when we sowed the seeds that will later bear amazing fruit. The years where we enjoyed the snuggles and being needed but also did a lot of hard (sometimes grueling) work in molding kiddos who will turn into pretty awesome humans, and we will later enjoy watching them fly. 

Is there a particular image from the photo session that stands out to you and why?

I have several favorites, but my favorite is probably my four kiddos snuggled together looking at something my youngest is showing them. I think that accurately depicts our life right now and my hopes for their relationships in the future. 

Are there any traditions / rituals that your family has picked up that are special to you?

Traditions and rituals are important to us. We have several that are special. An everyday ritual is sharing our high/low/buffalo at dinner (the good/bad/and surprising things that happened to us that day). We do half-a-cake on half-birthdays. I decorate the kiddos’ while they are sleeping the night before their birthday. My kids would probably tell you their favorite tradition is the Mystery Cafe on April Fools Day. They order from a menu with crazy names for the food, so they might get spaghetti noodles with cake as an appetizer and salad dressing with meat sauce as their meal. I love making holidays special and carrying on some of the things my parents did for me.

How do these photographs represent your family’s bond and love for each other?

Because we were able to interact naturally during the session, the photos depict the special bond between us. You can see our love for each other because of our natural expressions and interactions shown in the photos. 

Do you think the location we selected for your session played a role in the outcome of the photos you received? What about the overall experience?

Yes, I think having the water there helped give the kids something to do and see to not lose interest in cooperating. The overall experience would have been better if I had not lead us in the wrong direction to leave. Haha!

How would you describe your family’s dynamic and how does this reflect in your daily lives?

Four kids under the age of 11 can be loud and busy. But I think (and hope) we are fostering a family that supports each other, forgives when we mess up (and isn’t afraid to apologize), and genuinely enjoys time together (especially a group snuggle on the couch). 

What was your favorite part of the photography process and why?

My favorite part about the photography process with Kennedy is that she always listens to what we hope to capture but is very flexible to the demeanors of our young children. She goes with the flow and works with what they are willing to do and still captures us beautifully.

Can you describe the emotions that were going through your mind during the day of / during the session?

Besides the unseasonable warmth (ha!), I have had enough sessions with Kennedy by now to know that she will find beauty in what feels like chaos. So I was mostly just trying to have fun and not sweat too much. 🙂

Did seeing the final photographs from your session stir up any emotions?

I always review my photos feeling incredibly grateful for my family and my beautiful babies. I feel thrilled that Kennedy was once again able to capture so many special moments even if it felt chaotic at the time. And then I feel excited to share them with family and friends and display them in my home – these photos are truly one of my most prized possessions.

If you’ve managed to make it this far, thank you for reading along… I am so happy to have you here.

Until next time.

With love,


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